ABT Certified Ballet Teacher for Levels Pre-Primary through Level 5

Kara focuses on a clean classical foundation by teaching technique with imagery and a deep understanding of anatomy. In a young dancer, Kara imbues her teaching with fun & inspiration - a child's delight. 

Vancouver ballet certified teacher


Private lessons for beginners to advanced

For children and adults 


Available to teach beginners

Experienced teacher for 4 years old to adult


Experienced teacher for over 10 years

Please contact for inquiries for guest teaching/masterclasses.

Certified Kelly Kirby Kindergarten Piano Teacher 

Jump start your child's love of music with an introduction to piano. Appropriate for ages 4 1/2 and up  

Kara is an accomplished and award winning pianist. She received the Alumni Royal Conservatory Award  for her achievement of the highest first class honors standing in the RCM Practical Grade 10 exam. As a Certified Kelly Kirby Piano Teacher, she specializes in teaching young beginners and instilling the love of music. Her patience, clear instruction, and ability to speak to the child’s mind allows her students to excel: she adapts to the learning needs of each child. An experienced teacher of all ages, Kara enjoys inspiring others by nurturing the musical journeys within her students.  

Ballet kids jumping for joy


"Kara goes above and beyond with detail and care in her teaching. She has guided me toward my goals and success through her instruction and perspective. Within just two sessions I noticed my dancing excel. I am honored to have worked with such a talented artist"  

      - Gabrielle Girard, private coaching student 


"Kara is a gentle, caring dance teacher and her students adore her. She weaves creativity and imagination into every lesson to the children's delight" 

      - Melann Kahle Starwood, CEO of Biz Kids Hollywood Tours 


"Ms. Kara is a wonderful ballet teacher. She dances elegantly. She is super great with kids. My daughter loves her class" 

      - Tian Yu, parent of student at New York Music & Arts 


Juilliard trained ballet teacher twirling with kids